About Archaela

Archaela is a Jewess descended from the biblical tribe of Benjamin, son of Rachel and Jacob. This is a remembered identity, guided by Rachel, a matriarch of the Jewish people. These blogs, written under the shamanic name Archaela Miriam bat Rachel, is an ethnobiography recording the process of Archaela’s lineage healing, guided by Gogo Rachel.

From an African perspective, Archaela is a traditional healer-diviner (sangoma) initiated into the African Shamanic InZuza lineage. Through an inter-spiritual process, she identifies as a Roman Catholic reverting to Judaism. Her work is focused on enriching the world with spiritual integrity in order to manifest, in an inclusive environment, love and hope, authenticity, justice and mercy. There are three basic modes in which this is provided:

  • Through writing which she shares in her blogs.
  • Through bone readings which emphasize aligning your work and lifestyle with your personal purpose to make you more resilient and self-sustaining.
  • Through earth readings where designs for sustainability reveal themselves through a process of conversation between you and Archaela and the land you are responsible for.

Readings in the InZuza lineage are done with or without the bones and sometimes with bone substitutes such as drawings.

Archaela is registered with NUPAATHPSA (National Unitary Professional Association for African Traditional Health Practitioners of SA). Her membership number, under her legal name, Aline de Gouveia, is GP 492.


Content on Rachel’s Well is shared as a form of compassion in the context of a world in seeming chaos. This is brought about in part by our ignorance of the traumas our ancestors have been through and which in our cells still reside. These individual and collective memories of suffering are interpreted within religious, spiritual and scientific frameworks that provide greater clarity.

Sometimes we, individually and collectively, have misinterpreted what these meanings are and thus lost touch with reality. By listening to the guidance of our ancestors we are enabled to co-create new personal narratives that bring healing to ourselves, our lineages and the planet.

Archaela thus works with individuals to realise their highest soul potential as eco-social activists and entrepreneurs.


Personalised services are offered on this website. Group retreats and workshops are offered through www.blueblueearth.co.za/baggage

Energy Exchange

If any blog provides you with an insight that supports your self-knowledge or in re-imagining your business and you wish to give back, please consider planting a tree, a forest or a food forest. For more information visit www.blueblueearth.co.za/garbage