Cry, the Holy Land

The fast of Purim has arrived; by tonight sorrow will be turned into joy in exuberant celebrations of masking and unmasking; a play between ego and pure soul with humour thrown in a commemoration of Queen Esther and her uncle/cousin Mordechai who saved the Jewish people from evil Haman who wanted every Jewish person put […]

Yitro and COVID Protocols

Reading about Professor Kramer’s resignation from the COVID-19 medical team that advises the Union of Orthodox Synagogues I felt guilty; In the front-page article of the South African Jewish Report Prof Kramer complained that despite having written “at least eight different protocols” for various Jewish religious contexts he felt he had wasted his time for […]


Is identity important? Or is it offensive? For me it is important to own who I am even on the outside; that I am the child of Madeiran peasants who became merchants in South Africa; That I am a Jewish soul on the inside and that Judaism informs my way of life continues to deepen […]

Hope amidst Homelessness

Every autobiography is a lie more or less none is the truth. Even my ethnobiography? Three months of feedback from the universe from family from friends conversations compassionate concentrated so that water to it I have added – diluted for ease of absorption occasionally taken with a teaspoon of honey to sweeten it guiding me […]

Body of Christ; Body of Esau?

The Christmas tree is up, just waiting for the fairy lights as I contemplate the complexities of interfaith families Who is Jesus to me now? Primarily, my spiritual guide, who deposited me at the door of Beit Emanuel Progressive Synagogue Or was that perhaps Gogo Rachel? How can I tell? Was it both of them? […]

Is God Jewish?

No, God is nothing even beyond no thing for the world of nothingness is the first veil between Source and human beings a curtain It put up so as not to overwhelm the senses – God is nothing is as far as nature-science can take me As far as my powers of observation can reward […]

Elevating Saul who became Paul?

When praying I may ask the Father for guidance through my ancestor Rachel – an open channel of patient waiting for her children to own soul-identity remember and act upon finding shelter within Jacob’s tents allowing for each of his children a space to be at home in beauty and harmony living in community for […]

The Wall: The Abraham Accords

the western wall at the temple mount was built by the poor, the Jewish poor, who, being unable to afford hired labour, did the work themselves this is the wall that Jewish people weep at, the Gate of Tears, which according to tradition, is the only gate left open after the destruction of the Second […]

Jewish and Israelite Identity

Sukkot 5781: Sukkah

the sukkah i built during sukkot was a pictorial revelation of my soul’s purpose as an israelite; (so happy i was to find this alternative usage being used in my new morning prayer siddur in the blessing prayer called she’a’sani Yisrael: “Blessed are You, Hashem our Divine power, royal Guide of the Universe, who has […]

Rachel: The Diviner?

Beloved of the Soul Siddur: Soulful Prayers gazed at me from a display table at Kollel bookshop a daily morning prayer book written for people like me; an answer to my prayer for a siddur I could follow without anxiety about what bits I could pray and what sections I had to leave out when […]