Growing Noltea africana from Seeds

My goal is to plant three hundred and sixty-five seeds this Jewish calendar year Or preferably three hundred and sixty-five seedlings or saplings grown from seeds. While growing trees from seeds alongside. This seems manageable for Hashem is my strength and might. Daunting this seemed a few days ago as I connected to the feeling […]

Chanukah in a Sabbatical Year

It seems that grafting fruit trees is a common practice; The scion, a clone of its parent, ensures the quality, the flavour the nutritious value of the fruit it produces; it is also a safeguard against cross-pollination which I found interesting for it means that it protects from further diversification. I am not sure what […]

Plastic Futures

O God of Rachel the sun is yet to appear and I am up uncertain of this livelihood business for busy it makes me – and I am essentially materially lazy… besides I have noticed something that I don’t particularly like. It’s the complexity of relationships and how to navigate these for suddenly I am […]

The Wall: The Abraham Accords

the western wall at the temple mount was built by the poor, the Jewish poor, who, being unable to afford hired labour, did the work themselves this is the wall that Jewish people weep at, the Gate of Tears, which according to tradition, is the only gate left open after the destruction of the Second […]

Women’s Day and Evolutionary Humanism

Emhlabeni Wabantu: We are Earth People

Ownership is an interesting concept And might be the key To understanding eco-social sustainability; I find it interesting that this concept May be split from political ideology And religious identity For China is communist And capitalist at the same time; America is simultaneously democratic And imperialist Ownership is also split Between sectors And classes And […]

Between Theft and Meat Eating

JPS Tanakh -Jewish Bible

A new pattern is emerging; I wake up before dawn Write for an hour Or a thousand words Not more For I had been cheating; Pushing myself For I wanted to speed up the process Get to the finishing line For this piecemeal own purpose ‘revelation’ Requires immense patience From one who is always on […]

A Pomegranate in the Apple Orchard?

The Ganges River viewed from boulders on its bank.

Unknowable Knowing Mystery beyond comprehension I give thanks for the gift of prayer As appeasement; I had no idea How much crucifixes disturbed My youthful mind; How alien they were to my soul I am grateful for my foremothers Who in their wisdom Transformed potential worship of torture Into klippot Husks, shells, that contained your […]

Miriam’s Song of the Sea

The Ganges River viewed from boulders on its bank.

It’s time to turn all crucifixes Into ploughshares, Don’t you think? This certainly is what I think… Aren’t you tired of Jewish lives On crosses hanging? Aren’t you tired of racks, Of pulleys Of waterboarding; Of Jewish people in chambers ash-ing? So, for you Who the Risen Lord know not yet I danced to Miriam’s […]

Messiah Consciousness

The Ganges River viewed from boulders on its bank.

What a wonderful morning this is A new dawn for me; Dancing to Eliana Elia’s version of the Song of the Sea I allowed YouTube to play on And discovered that she is a Jew for Jesus Of some sort As I watched the background pictures roll on With the temple sacrifices Juxtaposed with those […]

Da’at in the Time of Corona

The Ganges River viewed from boulders on its bank.

The slight nausea has gone The diarrhea didn’t last long The headaches I recognized as brain re-wiring Happening as I consciousness shifted From religion To Judaism as my way of life; Open to life in all its forms Source aligned Could it have been Covid-19? I don’t know Nor, at this point in time, Do […]