Between Theft and Meat Eating

JPS Tanakh -Jewish Bible

A new pattern is emerging;
I wake up before dawn
Write for an hour
Or a thousand words

Not more
For I had been cheating;
Pushing myself
For I wanted to speed up the process

Get to the finishing line
For this piecemeal own purpose ‘revelation’
Requires immense patience

From one who is always on the go

From this to that
From here to there

Yet now that I know
What this is about
There is a part of me that remains reluctant

Which is shifting even as I write

So now I understand that this morning writing
Can be left to stand
And picked up the following morning

Allowing for editing
And publishing within that given hour;
I thus have the measure of how much time
I am to devote to ‘lineage healing’ work

Within this hour I may also do basic research
Quick checking of facts
Suggesting that I no longer aim for daily publishing

It is as though a switch is happening
An inner untangling
An opening of another channel
That has been blocked until now

For while blogging serves as the platform
For sharing my journey
Of self-discovery

Of how I evolve
Grow into spiritual integrity
In alignment with my specific purpose
Indeed, of refining it as I write

I have made sufficient progress
To split the rest of my day
Between attending to my livelihood expanding

And to significant relationships nurturing
The most important of which
Is with my each of my children

Making time too to be an active citizen…

Whether the ancestors of the pan-African InZuza lineage
The founding fathers and mothers
The keepers of access to its secrets
Are Jewish or not
Has still not been clarified

My sense is that if they are
Then it goes way back
So that the memory of Temple is lost
And of the prophets

What has been confirmed
And clarified
Is that there is a desire to bring Africans so desirous
Into the fold

Into the energy field of original intention:
Of knowing the Source of Sources
As love
As life

As drawing near once more;

From the exile
That our ubuntu-consciousness transgressions
Drove Him

Through Torah living and studying
And listening:

Experiential learning
Kinesthetic learning
Spiritual integrity through Commandments keeping

Whether as ‘reverts’
Or Noahides

Yet this is mere speculation
The result of deductive reasoning
Rather than ‘revelation’

What is clear enough
Is that our Ancestors of the InZuza lineage
Want the transition to start by learning
Judaism’s business ethics…

Hands on

Not as air
Not as theory
Nor as something to manipulate

Yet I am not a teacher
I am not a proper Jew even;
I am not qualified to do this

Which is why I went fishing for a Jewish business ethics mentor

And gave up
For what I am searching for
Probably requires setting up a team
Requires a collaborative effort

What is also clear
Is that the ancestors of the InZuza lineage
Aren’t interested in Jewish ‘cultures’


Africans have their own cultures
Have their own languages
Have their own lands
Have their own wisdom

Africans are not ancestor-less…

So, this then is the energy exchange
Between my Jewish-Benjaminite lineage
And my African lineages

In exchange for bringing me safely back to my Jewish family
There is an expectation
That livelihoods be grown at base

Using Torah ethics;

All this suggests the setting up of a school
The curriculum for which was channelled through me
Years ago

Yet I am not a teacher
I am not a principal
Nor am I even a business woman

I have tried to pass the curriculum over
To this one
And to that one

And no-one
It seems
Is interested…

I have been listening
I have been observing
I have been paying attention to the signs of the times

Thus far
This is what I know
Of living on earth reality:

That the first commandment to activate is:
Do not covet your neighbours goods;
If this is successively done
Do not steal naturally follows

Becomes the necessary proof
The ‘certificate’ to hang on the wall;
The knowledge to embed in the heart

Channeled by Mind

Are these two commandments
Then the basis
Of eco-social sustainable livelihoods protecting?

They might be
For looking around it’s clear to see
That greed leads to theft

That envy

Stealing is the basis of what’s not working in all our systems…

Yet this is assuming that some folk
Making up this rainbow nation,
Africans of all races,
Are Jewish souls

Yet others,
Perhaps the majority,
Are not

Suggesting that the Noahide laws
Are what would apply;

(I have just learnt that an institute exists
To promote this code

The Institute of Noahide Code,
A UN accredited NGO
Set up by the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s disciples
Does this at the level of the UN)

Yet what is puzzling me
Is that in my mind there are five Noahide laws
When in fact there are seven

Looking them up again
For they remain less familiar
Than the Ten Commandments;
The Seven Noahide laws are:

1. Not to worship idols.
2. Not to curse God.
3. To establish courts of justice.
4. Not to commit murder.
5. Not to commit adultery, bestiality, or sexual immorality.
6. Not to steal.
7. Not to eat flesh torn from a living animal.

It seems that in relation to creating sustainable livelihoods
I am to start from the seventh
And work backwards

Suggesting that the starting point
Is the law to respect animals
Who are sentient beings;

Cruelty towards animals is forbidden by the Code

This verifies my eco-social entrepreneurship model
Which places the natural world before human beings;
The world’s natural ecosystems
Are what sustains life on earth

Including human life
For Life is One;

Conservation of natural systems
Takes precedence over economic activity

Regardless of forms of exchange…

If we applied this law
Would the coronavirus challenge
Be resolved?

I have been thinking that it really doesn’t matter,
Except from a compensatory perspective,
Whether the coronavirus is a ‘natural’ virus
Or a product of biotechnology

What truly matters
Is that this ‘sign’ of our time be read correctly;
For me it means putting an end to animal cruelty

In the wilds in China and Africa
On the commercialised animal husbandry farms across the world;
And on the treatment of animals during transportation to abattoirs
And on the industrial style slaughtering that happens there;

This would have an impact on meat production
And on consumption…

So better learn to eat one’s falafel and tahini?
And jackfruit?
And sorghum?
And millet?

(©Archaela 5780 Av 15)



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