Conspiracy theories
Are important
For they speak to our fears
And our sense of powerlessness

Our distrust of those who rule over us…

They also reflect our histories –
For are our history books not littered
With stories of charismatic narcissists?

Often with subservient women behind them?

The danger of these
Are that they might distract us
From doing what we can
To change these patterns of abuse…

And is Africa not littered
With histories
Of heroes turned red
Or blue

When it is the green, black and white we are after?

Is the bling of gold not our Achilles heel?
Is not our wealth
Our poverty as well?

Is Bill Gates for or against Africa’s people?

He is for us, for he has poured billions
Into fighting malaria and TB
Amongst other good works;

He is against us
For he once dreamt of a vaccine
That doubles as a contraceptive…

Yet what I have heard him say
Is that vaccines would lower child mortality
And that contraception would decrease population;

Two separate actions
That potentially improves human longevity
While taking pressure off the planet…

He is for the world
For he promotes health and well-being
Is determined to end food insecurity;

What I have seen is that he is against the world
For he promotes earth toxicity
While stealing seed patents;
Disempowering self-sufficient communities

Enslaves them to money markets
Through Monsanto-Bayer

What I know for a fact
Is that I distrust anyone

Who sells poisoning water and earth as a good
Who controls more income than many countries
Who operates as a philanthropist
Without accountability to anyone

Yet perhaps I am wrong…

For along with this murder of indigenous sustainability
He invests in alternative forms of energy
Which purifies the air of carbon toxicity

How to assess this man’s vision?
How to assess his contribution?
Is he a good person?
Is he an evil one?

It depends on how you view venture capitalism
For what Bill Gates is
Is a venture capitalist;

A very smart agnostic one…
With an outrageously competitive capitalist disposition

Married to a lovely Roman Catholic woman
Whom he appeases
With vaccinations to improve health in the third world?

There are too many poor people on the planet.
And too many women with no rights over their bodies;

In this they are in agreement:
Holy Mother Church is wrong about contraception.

He must appreciate her very much
For he goes to Mass with her
Every now and then

And the children are Catholic
Will only inherit a miniscule amount of daddy’s wealth
Which is very aligned with Catholic social teachings

So, Bill,
Being a genius of a businessman
Knows how to turn her disease-free Africa vision
Into profits beyond anyone’s imagining?

And if I am right
What good does it do me?
You could die being right…
A good friend once told me

Which is true;

It is much better being effective
Being on point in the best way you can possibly be
Doing everything in your power to clear the earth of toxins
By refusing to buy them

It is much better being effective
Being on point in the best way you can possibly be
Doing everything in your power to flatten the poverty curve
By sharing at least 10% of your annul income

After your expenses have been paid –
(Say the poorer rabbis?)
From your gross income –
(Say the ones with greater wealth?)

People like Bill and Melinda
Of course
Can donate 99% of their wealth
And not feel a pinch…

Still, 10% Rabbinical Judaism says is a great start
And 20% is truly generous

Yet given the disparity of wealth
As I shift to an even simpler lifestyle
Aiming to half what I consume at this time
As I ask myself

Will it make a difference to the food queues across South Africa?

It will.
Yet, I have simplified as much as I can already.
At least, I think I have.

Perhaps taking a cue from the cabinet
Cutting back by a third of my consumption
Given that part of the lower middle income group I am part of
Might also work?

Only if it enables
The urban unemployed get a foothold
In the economy?

Will that make a difference?

While the rural communities
Take care of the land as their ancestors did before them:

Holding on tightly to their ancestral land
And to its purity
Growing nutritious food to take care of themselves
As the Amadiba are doing?

Aim for self-sustainability where ever you are

For Africa has seen far too many colonialists
Far too many neo-colonial philanthropists
Far too many good deeds
All the better with which to hide their evil intentions…

Yet it cannot happen through entitlements hanging onto
White or black
Rich or poor
South African or foreign national;

For now, I am for President Ramaphosa
For one reason only:
I believe he was sincere when he declared his intention
To save lives from COVID-19

Yet is it enough?
Given what is unfolding across the land,
Does he not need to broaden this to saving lives in general?

Choosing life in every way possible?

This requires letting go of some of his personal ambitions;

Yet they say that we attract the leaders we deserve
Which I think means that I have to let go of any personal ambitions
That no longer serve humanity

What an enormous challenge that is…

Is this why I fell into a hole this weekend?
Wanting to see the path ahead
I saw only genocides
Wave upon wave across the globe

Until a neighbour called me back to now;
Genocide is not what the ANC government has in mind;
Perhaps I have spent too much time
Viewing conspiracy theories

And watching Yad Vashem videos:

What lessons from the Holocaust
From the Shoah
Do I need to engrave in my heart right now?

There is only this:
Do the best you can to make the world a better place;
Don’t buy in to stereotypes

Help whomever it is in your power to assist
And be true to yourSelf;
Love your neighbour as yourself…

Even Bill Gates?
It would seem so.

By owning my power to grow nutritious food
Sans GMO
Sans pesticides
Sans chemicals
Sans venture capital inputs…

No need to fight anyone
Unless you want to
Or unless you are someone like Vandana Shiva
And it is in your spiritual integrity blueprint

Does Bill Gates have such a thing?
Did Hitler?
Is this a fair comparison?

Personally, I think Bill’s contribution to humanity is the internet
And possibly alternative energy;
Is the rest perhaps outside his mandate?
His shadow self at play?

I think Hitler was all shadow…
Evil scientists manipulating


Who knew no ‘Source’
Other than ‘Ego’

Which is sobering…



‘HIV taught us a lesson we will never forget’ – Amadiba community on beating Covid-19


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