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When is Archaela available for consultations?

By appointment Sunday to Wednesday – excluding Jewish religious holidays. 

What does ‘a sangoma in the InZuza lineage’ mean?

A sangoma is diviner or shaman who specializes in bone readings and chanelling rather than in traditional natural medicine. The InZuza lineage is a pan-African shamanic lineage – there are many different lineages in Africa.


For whom are bone-reading (divination) consultations most appropriate?

If you are aware that your ancestors are active players in your life you will be comfortable with my offerings. If you aren’t, Archaela shall do her best to guide you in ways that serve your highest good.

What is the meaning of Archaela?

‘Archaela’ is Aline De Gouveia’s African Jewish name. In Hebrew ‘Archaela’ is spelled ayin-resh-kaf-lamed-hei and means to be of value to her. Her refers to Rachel, wife of the biblical Jacob and mother of Joseph and Benjamin. And according to the oral tradition, the mother of the whole Jewish nation who waits for her exiled children to return home.

What is the baseline Noahide Code?

The Noahide code is made up of seven laws, that according to Jewish tradition, was given to humanity after the Flood. The baseline Noahide Code allows indigenous communities to incorporate these laws into their cultures, without mimicking Judaism. It allows for greater harmony and exchange across cultures, while preserving cultural diversity.

What are the bones?

Depending on the shamanic lineage, the ‘bones’ can be different objects such as animal bones, shells, coins, cards, plants… In the African shamanic InZuza lineage, bone reading is most often done without the bones. However, where a mental picture is helpful, you may be asked to take notes or draw a picture. Or Archaela may do so for you.

What is the purpose of the bones?

The purpose of using objects in readings is twofold: to enable the shaman to interpret and give a diagnosis and way forward; to provide the patient or client with ‘a picture’ that empowers the patient to remember the conversation.

Why is knowing and acknowledging your ancestors important?

While ancestral experiences reside in your body as cellular memories, your interpretations of these experiences reside in the level of soul known as Chaya in Jewish mysticism. If competing ancestral narratives result in chaos within you, a new name, meta-narrative, ritual or prayer may be required to bring about peace between antagonistic forebears. And thus, within you.

How do I book a consultation?

Based on your constraints, consultations are arranged telephonically, via WhatsApp 0603709893 or email or our Contact Page.  

What is Chaya (Ancestor) Consciousness?

Chaya is the fourth level of the soul in Jewish mystical understanding. It is the level where we connect to our essence, to our soul’s full potential. It is associated with the collective soul or ancestor consciousness – an ancestor being a spiritual master rather than just a forebear.

What modality of bone-reading (divination) is used in Archaela’s practice?

Archaela has developed an integrated ancestral modality, using the African shamanic InZuza lineage portal. This entails channelling information from the consciousness or soul level known as Chaya in Jewish mysticism. This serves to activate your sense of purpose and to direct it into creating your eco-social sustainable livelihood.

How does Archaela heal her lineages?

Archaela perceives herself as belonging to the tribe of Benjamin. To rectify her exploitation of the earth Archaela is drawn to the elevation of agriculture, money and business models to align with sustainable livelihoods. To rectify the rejection of the Judaism of Jesus by Paul, a Benjaminite, she supports the leadership of the tribe of Judah.


What are the seven Noahide laws?

  1. Do establish laws.
  2. Don’t curse God.
  3. Do not practice idolatry.
  4. Do not engage in illicit sexuality.
  5. Do not participate in bloodshed.
  6. Do not rob.
  7. Do not eat flesh from a living animal.

What is the purpose of Archaela’s shamanic consultations?

Every healer has unique gifts in order to carry out specific healing tasks. In Archaela’s practice the purpose is to water the seed of soul-knowledge that will bring you into alignment with the Source of all being – (Havayah consciousness).

How does lineage healing serve you?

You know, at an intuitive level, that you are connected to all forms of being; you perceive yourself as part of a greater whole. Knowing your soul identity – your unique spiritual blueprint – opens the door to align your life and work modalities with the Source of all being. Even when this knowledge is accessible to the intellect as content or information, it can only be activated at a supra-rational level.


Does your nursery supply indigenous trees?

Yes, we supply indigenous trees.

May one place orders to have particular types of trees grown?

Yes, you may. This is a medium to long term investment for all stakeholders involved and requires a site visit by Archaela.

What type of trees does your nursery supply?

In Johannesburg we supply the top five carbon sequestration trees. Besides carbon sequestration these have many added benefits, including air purification. These are available without site visits. We also supply trees that we recommend as part of our site visits.

Do your nursery supply exotic trees?

If exotic edible fruit-bearing trees have become indigenised we do supply them. However, our ability to do so is in its infancy.

What do you mean by “planting the right trees in the right place and for the right purpose”?

I often get asked about the benefits of particular trees and plants. Based on this some people then plant the trees they like without considering the long-term impact of this. In some cases, it means that the trees don’t thrive because the micro-climate does not support their growth. Sometimes the trees do so well that they damage the local eco-system. Where you plant is a significant sustainability decision. It is also important to know why you are wanting to plant trees. If it is just because everyone else is doing it, you might want to reconsider your desire.


What is a food forest?

Like a natural forest, a food forest has seven layers. Unlike a natural forest, a food forest requires the careful selection of edible plants, from tall trees to groundcovers to grow a diverse supply of nutritious natural foods. The videos show examples of food forests.


The Forested Garden: What is a Food Forest?

The Forested Garden: What is a Food Forest?

What is natural agroforestry?

Agroforestry is a form of farming that incorporates trees and shrubs as part of its land use system. Natural agroforestry applies the principles of permaculture to agroforestry.

What is permaculture?

Permaculture is a systems-thinking set of sustainable design principles derived from observing natural ecosystems. These are applied to landscapes to create sustainable human environments in harmony with nature.

What is regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture focuses on restoring the health of a farm ecosystem by protecting its endemic biodiversity, retaining clean water within the system and growing its soil fertility in order to sequestrate carbon.

Regenerative agriculture : One little calf at a time!

What is agroecology?

Agroecology encourages farming that mimics the ecological principles of the natural ecosystem in which the farming takes place. A description of the process that leads to agroecology is described in the video.

Education for Sustainable Development Best practice from South Africa