Women’s Day and Evolutionary Humanism

Emhlabeni Wabantu: We are Earth People

Ownership is an interesting concept
And might be the key
To understanding eco-social sustainability;

I find it interesting that this concept
May be split from political ideology
And religious identity

For China is communist
And capitalist at the same time;
America is simultaneously democratic
And imperialist

Ownership is also split
Between sectors
And classes

And epochs
And nations

What may be owned by individuals
And what by groups
And what belongs to the commons
Is also up for grabs

Indeed, the concept of ownership is being
Has been
Captured by Scientism

At least this is my response
To what I have thus far read
In Harari’s Homo Deus

Where Harari examines humanism,
Putting humans first,
As the dominant religion of our time

I have been stuck with Science as the primary idol of the west

Yet Harari has challenged my thinking;
I was a humanist
Until I started reading his book;

Saw it as an extension of the Judeo-Christian ethic
Did not see it as a religion
Until seeing it described as such by another;

If Humanism is the current dominant religion
Then what is its relationship to Scientism?

Before I continue
It might be useful to describe what I understand
By Scientism:

This term first came to mind
When I started reading Dawkins
For whom science is Science:

Scientists who are agnostic
Or atheist
And exhibit a propensity for fundamentalism –

Have no seen of awe;

The other side,
Christian Creationist fundamentalism,
Which Richard Dawkins loaths

Have no appreciation for movement
For change
For progress…

Scientism’s disciples are people for whom
Reality is data
And deconstructed

Harnessed in service of the one who pays the scientist;

Natural laws observed
Verified as consistent
Manipulated into technologies new

Sometimes to serve an inclusive good
Sometimes to serve agendas that lusts feed

Are scientists, humanists though?

In theory they are:
Professionally they are
Privately they may be something else entirely

Congruence is not a requirement in the world of science…

According to Harari
There are three types of humanism;
The one that I picked on as particularly relevant
Is the one based on the science of evolution

The humanism
Whose creed has two hinges:

Natural selection
Which requires the will to compete;
Which by default,
Strengthens hierarchies steep

I don’t know what the second hinge is
For in my mind
A creed is a door

And the door in my imagination has two hinges

Yet there are sliding doors
And doors on pulleys
That require only one movement
To open and shut

No hinges

Still even here
There is a second element
That makes igress
And egress possible

Movement requires at least two elements
To support the third:
The action the mind commands into being

Ah, a rail hinges replace
This then is the second element,
The human hand
Is the third element:

The human hand
On handle;
The human finger
On electrical button

The human Mind behind it all
The human Will directing the action

Even Artificial Intelligence
Requires human mind
Requires human will

Only heart is no longer necessary

Heart can be put aside
Heart can be of steel made
Heart can be mechanized

To human body added
Human heart replace…

Yet until now
To human blood vessels attached
For that is what a heart replacement does:
Allows blood to flow through body system

When own heart threatens to blow

And until now
Heart in human body
Belongs to the one whose blood
It pumps

Yet in the age of digitization
Ownership of own body
Is being removed

Into exile being sent;

Joining God
Who is dying
Who had been killed

By heartlessness replaced

By Science being conquered…
That’s incorrect

Science is the handmaid
To Humanism;

To Social Darwinism
Her legs spreading

Body enslaved

The split between the inner
And the outer

For China within its borders is communist
In its interactions with the world beyond its borders
It is capitalist

The USA within its territory
Is democratic;

In its foreign policy,
When this was a hinge it valued,
It was imperialist

The channel
Between heart and mind

Possibly rupturing in places;

The heart caged
Its valves under stress;
Its ability to life naturally pump

The signs are all on display
In the treatment of women
In the treatment of earth and her children;

Despite the politically correct rhetoric
Violence against women
Mirrors the violence against the earth
And her children

I have spent some time listening to new voices,
Other perspectives,
To get a sense of where I fit in
In this wider dynamic

For it is one thing to know what comes next
to make life meaningful
a delight on earth

And another to implement it;

Having started with mySelf
As the ground on which to work
Lineages attending to

Listening to



Into alignment with own Source bringing;

Into an identity
That includes all identities
All voices

Without any voice
Just elevating
Into inclusive Judaism

For Judaism has something that no other spiritual lineage has:

The only reason to climb the Mountain
To be awakened
To be rocked into bliss

Is to bring it back down into the valley

Which I have done to some extent
On my property;
What is missing is solar energy
To power my light bulbs

And all my electronic goods;

I want a South African manufacturer
Or at the very least
A South African service provider

For solar energy
Is the most sustainable form
To drive the digital sector;

How odd it seems to me
That the way to respecting the feminine
Is by harnessing the masculine

In service of the planet…

Mother Earth
Life Source for material bodies
While powered by the sun
Has a circulatory system that follows the rhythm of the moon…

The way to a sustainable future
Is thus through harnessing the energy of the sun
To serve the ‘Venus’ economy

For if boys come from Mars
And girls from Venus
Solar power is the most basic way forward

Fifty percent of effort
And resources
Into the solar economy investing;

Fifty percent of effort
And resources
Into the moon economy investing

Would shift the trajectory we are on;
The economy of theft
Into the economy of Choose Life
For all

Eco-social livelihoods fueling
Transnational corporations bypassing
Or bringing back down to earth;

Under judges’ anvil brought to book…

For full of hot air businessmen-politicians are
Air foul emitting
When air pure
Are what earth people are wanting….

And we will know we have an inclusive economy
When women are free to walk the streets
Without fear of men

And we will know we have an inclusive economy
When women are in charge of their homes
Without fear of male partners

And we will know we have an inclusive economy
When women are free to balance their roles and interests
Without male interpretations
And impositions…

Just conversations having
Within the framework
Of Ten Commandments if Jewish we are;

Or Noah’s Seven perhaps
If Judaism’s spiritual path
Gains relevance beyond its membership

And self-loathing…

(©Archaela 5780 Av 20)

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